Bipcard Tripadvisor Reviews
Bipcard Tripadvisor Reviews
Bipcard Tripadvisor Reviews
Bipcard Tripadvisor Reviews
Bipcard Tripadvisor Reviews
Bipcard Tripadvisor Reviews
Bipcard Tripadvisor Reviews
Bipcard Tripadvisor Reviews

Bipcard Tripadvisor Reviews

Engages your customer to leave a review in 3-seconds.

649 kr 1 899 kr

30-day money back guarantee

Bipcard utilizes NFC technology, similar to card payment methods.
Your card will be programmed and made ready for immediate use as soon as it is received, based on the details you provide about your business.

Choose whether to assign all cards in a pack to one location or distribute them across multiple locations. Simply select either '1 or 3' or '1 or 5' locations and then specify the businesses to link.

Instant Access
: With just a simple approach of a smartphone, redirect your customers straight to your Review page.

No App Required: The beauty lies in its simplicity. No need for any third-party apps or downloads.

Enhanced Engagement: Increase the likelihood of customers leaving reviews with a hassle-free method.

Tech-Savvy Branding: Position your business as a leader in technology and innovation.

Durable and Stylish: Designed to last, each card boasts a sleek design that aligns with modern aesthetics.

Widely Compatible: Works seamlessly with most NFC-enabled smartphones.

Based on your location, we use fast shipping services like UPS. You'll see a clear selection of shipping options when you check out. For returns please contact our support team.

Instant Traveller Insights
Discover the magic of Bipcard TripAdvisor Reviews - your gateway to unlocking instant traveler feedback. Merging the prowess of NFC technology with the vast realm of TripAdvisor, this revolutionary tool enables businesses to capture real-time travel experiences in the blink of an eye.

Seamless Traveler Engagement
In a world where every travel experience counts, Bipcard offers the convenience travelers crave. No longer will they need to remember the details days later; a simple tap of their mobile phone, and their feedback is immortalized. This ease of use fosters a deeper connection, turning fleeting visits into lasting digital impressions.

Boost Your TripAdvisor Presence
Online travel reviews are the compass for many wanderers. The Bipcard TripAdvisor Reviews tool is the ticket to consistently high ratings and glowing testimonials. By making the review process a breeze, it increases the likelihood of travelers sharing their exceptional experiences, ensuring your spot shines brighter on TripAdvisor.

Contactless Technology

Fast & Free Shipping

Secure Payments

Support 24/7

* If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, we will refund the full purchase price. No delays, and no questions asked with our 30-day money back guarantee.